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Pre-Owned - Ali Bow 40# Qinghai Tibetan Fiberglass Bow

Pre-Owned - Ali Bow 40# Qinghai Tibetan Fiberglass Bow

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Pre - Owned Ali 40#28" Bow Tibetan "Qinghai", Regular Version

Custom arrow pass and and grip wrap has been added.

Extra bow string included.

This bow is based on the bows currently being used by the Tibetan people of the Qinghai province. This bow reflects influence from the Manchu bows, featuring a prominently reflexed siyah and a string bridge. It is shorter than the Manchu bows. It is very easy to handle while having a comparatively powerful punch. According to some customers, this bow performs surprisingly well for being accurate and fast.

  • Limb Covering: Black Lamb Nappa
  • String Length: 130cm
  • Max Draw Length: up to 33’’
  • Draw Weight: Factory Label - 40#28"
  • Minimum Warrantied Arrow Weight: 13 gpp

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