Thumb Ring Sizing

How to determine your thumb ring size

Finding the right ring for your thumb can be a frustrating experience for the beginner thumb-draw archer.

Any experienced thumb-draw archer will tell you that it's pretty normal to buy two or three rings before you find the right size for you.

Your thumb will also change shape and size as it gets used to thumb-draw archery. Seasons also play a part, as your thumb will be bigger in the hotter months than in the cold. So, most thumb archers have several rings for different occasions.

Every person has a unique thumb shape and size, so a bit of trial and error is just part of the journey.

It is essential that you have a well fitting thumb ring. 

For Vermil Thumb Rings:

Vermil thumb ring sizes are specific and unique to Vermil thumb rings. In order to obtain the best size for your Vermil thumb ring, we provide you with three steps of measurement. You are able to follow the steps as shown below.


Measure the diameter of your thumb with 2 steps as in the following images. Comfortably press the vernier around the largest part of your finger making sure it will clear the knuckle.



After you know which size best fits your thumb, consisting of both horizontal and vertical axes, please select a size which is closest to your thumb size from the Vermil size chart. If your thumb is between sizes, round up and choose the larger ring.


If you would like to double check if the size is suitable, set your vernier to a Vermil ring size, and hold and move the vernier, focusing on the area of knuckle to simulate the ring of choice.