Where to Shoot

Western Cape

Bellville Archery Club

The home base of Chinese Archery South Africa is at Bellville Archery Club (BAC) in the Western Cape.
BAC is a diverse club in terms of archery styles. They host both World Archery and SANIFAA sanctioned events. The Field and 3D Tournaments are perfect for Chinese and Asiatic archery styles, and a lot of fun to participate in!
Chinese archery is a new addition at the club since 2021, and we have our own dedicated lane and historical targets, including a long distance Qing Dynasty Military Examination Target, and a form practice, or Ghaozhen target.
Generally we are at BAC every Saturday morning from 9am, unless there is a sanctioned tournament being held.

Hunters Archery Club

We also regularly shoot at Hunters Archery Club in Durbanville, where they have the most amazing 3D forest range in the country. At Hunters we also do Clout Shooting, Whistle Shooting, Moving Target Shooting and shoot at the 130m Qing Dynasty Military Examination Target.

Griffins Horse Archery

Griffins Horse Archery is another regular training venue for Asiatic archers in the Western Cape. I train there as often as possible, under the tutelage of Daniel Griffin. Griffins is a Kassai horse archery facility, but Daniel kindly allows me to use my Chinese archery techniques and equipment on his horses.

Kwazulu Natal

There are one or two Chinese archery practitioners hiding in Durban. They shoot at Kings Park Archery Club. Reach out if you're in Durban and want to get in touch!