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Essential Resources

  • The Way of Archery - Home of The Chinese Archery Program, and the essential translation of Gao Ying's 17th Century military archery manuals, The Way of Archery, by Justin Ma and Jie Tian.
  • Bamboo Archery Youtube Channel - An amazing Chinese Archery video tutorial resource.
  • Fe Doro Manchu Archery - The original Qing Dynasty Manchu archery resource by Peter Dekker.
  • ATARN - The Asian Traditional Archery Research Network - One of the first detailed internet resources in English. An outdated site, but still invaluable.

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    Where to Buy Bows

    • Lost Arts Archery South Africa is now an official dealer of Alibow products. Reach out to me if you're interested in an Alibow bow.
    • The Cinnabar Bow - Your first stop for premium, laminated, Chinese bows.

      Recommended reading:

      The Way of Archery, a 1637 Chinese Military Training Manual
      By Jie Tian and Justin Ma
      ISBN 10: 0764347918  ISBN 13: 9780764347917
      Chinese Archery
      Chinese Archery
      By Stephen Selby
      ISBN 9622095011