Prolong the life of your Arrows with Protection Collars.

These Stainless Steel Collars are often used as Nock Collars to protect against Robin Hoods. Add them to the front of your arrows to protect your shaft against hard hits!

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  • What is Chinese Archery?

    Chinese archery forms part of the wider world of Asiatic archery, which uses historical bows, the thumb release and an instinctive shooting technique. It has a long history that encompasses many styles, cultures, types of equipment, and uses.


    Today Chinese archery is mostly practiced for leisure and as a martial art.

  • What equipment do I need to start?

    All you need is an asiatic bow (sometimes referred to as a horse bow), some arrows and a thumb!


    Luckily Chinese archery can be relatively inexpensive to start. We hope to stock some beginner bows soon, but in the meantime, see our useful Chinese archery links or contact me for recommendations on where to get your first Chinese bow!

  • Where can I learn Chinese Archery?

    Deon de Lange teaches an introductory course in the Gao Ying method of Chinese archery at Bellville Archery Club in Cape Town.


    Email Deon at for info.


    See our useful Chinese archery links for in-depth information on Chinese archery.

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