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Ali Bow Moose Antler Manchu Thumb Ring (Special-Order)

Ali Bow Moose Antler Manchu Thumb Ring (Special-Order)

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Ali Bow Moose Antler Manchu Thumb Ring

An authentic Manchu style thumb ring based on actual antique military thumb rings used in the Qing dynasty. Ideal for Manchu bows, and other long draw length bows. 

Made from the thick plate part of the moose antler. This part has the blood vessel belt, which helps prevent ring slippage, even with a sweaty thumb.

*IMPORTANT*  Fitting can be tricky! 

Must use a vernier to take accurate measurement. Please contact me for sizing guidance.

NOTICE: Due to limited supply of good moose antlers, the production of this particular kind of ring can take more time than usual.

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