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Dashao "Military Ming Big Siyah" Fiberglass Bow (Custom Order)

Dashao "Military Ming Big Siyah" Fiberglass Bow (Custom Order)

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Dashao "Military Ming Big Siyah Bow"

by Alibow

Dashao (lit. means “big siyah") is a popular military bow used by the border troops of Ming dynasty (1368-1644) in its late years. In contrast to the earlier short Ming bows with recurved siyahs, these Dashao bows were described to be long, with wide limbs and straight siyahs for stability.

There are no surviving antique Ming bows, but fortunately there is a very detailed description of the Dashao bow, which is what Alibow based this design on.

-Draw length: up to 34’’

-Length of String: 144cm
-Draw Weight: 35 to 75lbs (at 34'', NOT 28")

-Minimum Arrow Weight: 15 gpp


How to roughly estimate your late Ming military style draw length: 1/2 arm span - 2 to 3"

*Please unstring the bow if not in use, or it may loose draw weight.


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