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Mongol "Genghis Khan" Fiberglass Bow (Custom Order)

Mongol "Genghis Khan" Fiberglass Bow (Custom Order)

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Mongol "Ghengis Khan"

by Alibow

This bow design is inspired by the bows used by the Mongols in the conquest period. With a very long siyah and short limbs, this bow looks just like the excavated bows of that period. The short length gives it fast arrow speed. This bow has a more authentic look than the other “Han” series fiberglass bows.
This kind of long siyah, short limb bows were used widely in Asia from around 200 BC to 1300 AD.

-String Length: 120cm

-Draw length: up to 32’’

-Draw Weight: 10 to 45 lbs

-Minimum Warrantied Arrow Weight: 13 gpp

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