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Ali Bow Carbon Arrows - Up to 36" - White Feathers

Ali Bow Carbon Arrows - Up to 36" - White Feathers

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Ali Bow Carbon Arrows - Ideal for the Asiatic Archer.

Length: up to 36" AMO* - cut to your specified length. Total Arrow Weight: 250gr to 600gr depending.

Our Ali Bow Arrows come standard with**:

    • 100 grain Stainless Steel Bullet Point (**heavier points available)
    • 44 grain Aluminium Insert or 100 grain Brass Insert (**heavier inserts available)
    • Standard White Plastic Nock, oriented Odd Feather Up
    • 1 Protection Collar at the Front
    • 3x 5.5" Parabolic Feathers, whipped with thread at front

    **custom options available

    Shaft details:

    Standard 2.6mm inner diameter black carbon, +-0.003" Straightness

    • 600 spine: 5.53GPI ; OD 7.1mm
    • 500 spine: 6.75GPI ; OD 7.2/7.3mm
    • 400 spine: 6.84GPI ; OD 7.3mm
    • 300 spine: 8.36GPI ; OD 7.5mm

    *AMO - AMO Arrow Length is the measurement of an arrow taken from the bottom of the groove of the nock, to the end of the shaft.  (Not including the points or point inserts).

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