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Lotus II Ivory Thumb Ring

Lotus II Ivory Thumb Ring

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Suitable for Eastern traditional archery; for example, Korean, Chinese, and Mongolian style.

This model allows for a very clean release, giving the feeling that the archer is not wearing a thumb ring. The thumb will touch the string directly, with the weight of the bow sitting on the ring, ready for release.

Material : Plastic

Color : Ivory

The material is plastic, and is not recommended for draw weights over 40#.

 Click here for guidance on how to determine your ring size.

*Measuring your thumb accurately can be difficult, which is why we strongly recommend our customers order a set of two closely sized rings. Your thumb will change size in different seasons, and different shooting conditions, so it's common for thumb archers to have multiple rings. More information can be found by clicking the Thumb Ring Sizing link at the bottom of the the page.

We offer a return or exchange on all our rings, so we'll make sure you get the ring that fits your thumb! You are welcome buy two rings for a discount, and then return the ring/s that do not fit. Or keep them both and enjoy the discount!

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