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Qing Dynasty Manchu Bow Holster - Short Version

Qing Dynasty Manchu Bow Holster - Short Version

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Leather bow holster designed to fit modern Manchu bows.

The short version of this Qing Dynasty, Manchu style Bow Holster, is an un-decorated, yet authentic interpretation of a parade bow holster from the Qing Dynasty in terms of construction techniques and practical features.

    The Bow Holster features a wide gusset so that your bow can sit tight for the horse, or loose for quick access. A practical, yet historically accurate design, ideal for foot and mounted archery.

    • Correctly balanced for modern Manchu bows.
    • High quality ,1.5mm-2mm, soft leather.
    • Period-correct mounting points for belt straps.
    • Includes one brass fitting.

    *Pictured is an Ali Bow Yarha II and Mariner Qing Dragon II.

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