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Qing Dynasty Manchu Rectangular Quiver, Plus Edition

Qing Dynasty Manchu Rectangular Quiver, Plus Edition

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-Please talk to me about colour variations. Long and short version available (Short version pictured)

* made to order - please allow 4 weeks for manufacture

Leather military quiver with leather covered base, solid brass fittings and three Back Pockets.

This Rectangular Qing Dynasty, Manchu style Quiver, is an authentic interpretation of an early to mid Qing Dynasty Manchu quiver in terms of construction techniques and practical features. This is quite a large quiver, suitable for full-size Manchu arrows. (Pictured are 34" long, thick shaft, heavy carbon arrows for reference.)

Please let us know your belt size - see below Belt Size Chart for reference.

  • Small: 24", 26", 28"
  • Medium: 28", 30", 32"
  • Large: 32", 34", 36"
  • Extra Large: 36", 38", 40"

Features such as the wool arrow or suede blanket makes for a practical, yet historically accurate design, ideal for foot and mounted archery.

  • Thick, 3-4mm natural veg tanned leather
  • Qing style archery belt including historical style brass belt hook and fittings.
  • Period-correct three-point suspension system.
  • Period-correct Brass fittings.
  • Choice of Hand pressed, natural wool felt, or Pig Suede arrow blanket for holding the arrows, just like in historical examples.
  • Period-correct arrow blanket tightening straps and adjustable bolts.
  • Solid, angular style hardwood base for good balance.
  • Three front arrow slits for ready-arrows
  • Tightly stuffed with natural packaging material to hold the arrows. (NOTE: This quiver is designed to be stuffed with dry pine needles as per historical examples. Pine needles are still the best, and most historically accurate stuffing for your quiver to keep your arrows separated, tight, dry and quiet.)*
  • Three Back Pockets with authentic brass hinges for Special Arrows.

*Unfortunately, due to international customs restrictions, we don't ship the quivers with pine needles, but we'll send instructions on how to replace our stuffing with real pine needles yourself!

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